Welcome to Infokeskus

Purpose of the site is to share information, nothing more.
I don't want to encourage anyone to do anything illegal, so:

  • Do not use the information in this site to do anything that is against the law in your country.
    Remember this: Against law is not always punishable by law...
  • Site has been made only to keep my HTML and PHP skills updated.
    Teach and Learn, that's my favorite slogan.

Year 2000 (or near that) I changed that dark black/ silver layout to something more easy to read.
Now 9 years later it was time to update that green layout to something more simple.
I also changed the old name UGsite and now looking inspiration trying to figure out new cool name for this site.

If you have some good idea what new guide I should do, then just send email to me.
Or do you need more help with some stuff in my site? -> just send email to me.
Email address is in Problem-site.


Site is under construction.