K-Lite Codec Pack Installation guide

If you do not know much about codecs, I think that you should try with these settings.
This guide has been made for "normal" users only, not for professional users.

I have test these settings using K-Lite Codec Pack v2.48 and K-Lite Mega Codec Pack v1.32.

Download K-Lite (Mega) Codec Pack from here.
When it’s done, run the exe file and follow this guide.

First there will be a window what tells you if you have QuickTime/RealPlayer already installed.
It asks if you want to uninstall them. You should answer NO if they are working.
K-Lite Codec Pack has alternative programs for them, if you have not installed them already.

At the first window just push Next.

So this is the last point where u can/must uninstall all audio/video codecs. I you look down (scroll down) you can find a list of all codec that you can install. And there is also some info about what they are.

IMPORTANT. Depending on the version of your K-Lite these lists can be look different... So just try to find right things in there. When we are an page where you choose what to install just keep looking next picture.

Gray: do not install
Black: install
Blue: I (or XP) already have these

I will edit that soon I take those Finnish text off...
Just press Next.
Now choose folder (Browse)... and/or just press Next.

And choose what you need (look at the picture above). Press Next and follow the installation.

And soon you will see this window:

If you did install Alternative (QuickTime/Real Player) they will be shown now.
If you want to end installing press Finish, but if you want to make some changes put cross and then press Finish.

Just for testing I install Real alternatively so I can show the next step.
So lets put cross and press Finish.

Press Next and choose your internet connection and other info.
Then press Next again.


Editing QuickTimes configures is not any harder so I will not even go there...


That was it.
You can find info about general problems at
Start -> Programs -> K-Lite Codec Pack -> Help -> FAQ



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Versio: 1.1