VBackup PS2 game

So you want to backup your ps2 games? You do not want one little scratch to destroy 50€ DVD-disk?
If you answer yes, this guide is for you.


You have two ways to do it:

Using software Alcohol 120%
Download it -> http://shop.alcohol-soft.com/purchase.php
Guide -> http://www.dvd-burner.ca/DVD-Tutorials/How-Do-I-Copy-PS2-Games.html

Using software DVD Decrypter
Download it -> http://fin.afterdawn.com/ohjelmat/video_ohjelmat/dvd_rippaajat/dvd_decrypter.cfm
Guide ->
1. Start DVD Decrypter
2. Press "Mode" and select "ISO Read"
3. Then select read source and where to save
4. Push Decrypt-picture, so DVD Decrypter will move it to your HD
5. Press ”Mode” and select "ISO Write"
6. Then select that ISO Image and push “Open”
7. Chose DVD-burning drive and burn speed (slowest possible, 1x - 2x)
8. Push "Burn the ISO"

You must have MOD-chip or boot disk like:
Modchop: http://teammodders.com/ps2_mc.php?ex=2
Swap Magic: http://swapmagic3.com/
Memory Card Exploit (Doesn't work with v.11 PS2 and later): http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/109289
HD Loader: http://www.hdloader.com.au/
HD Advance: http://www.hdadvance.com/



Versio: 1.1