Where do I find subtitles?

Multi-Language Subtiles sites:

Subtitle Search Engines:

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How can I see them?

First. Please do not even think about burning subs to your film.
If you want to see movie with subs, just use VobSub OR FFDShow.

1. So you have movie.avi and movie.sub (or .srt, txt...) in the same folder?
If not, move them now.

2.1 Using VobSub:
Get it from here
Hint: Use "load always" options.

2.2 Using FFDShow:
Get it from here
Remember to enable subtitles in configure windows. (it is disable as defeault)

So in this point you can just open that movie using media player (or what is your faforite player) and subtitles should work.
If you see two subtitles it means you have two software what support subtitles. Just disable otherone.


Not working?

Make sure it is subtitle file! (and not fake)
Open it using Notepad or Subtitle Workshop and look that there are lines what looks like subtitles.
Get Subtitle Workshop at

If you are planing to burn subtitles, you might want to save your subtitles to .srt format (it is that SubRip in save window if you use SW).

So you want to burn avi to dvd with subtitles?
Just use program like FilmMachine or DVDsanta where you can add subtitles when converting it to dvd-format.



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